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Why I Miss Dankwa – A Truant’s Perspective

My source for this article would like to remain anonymous. For those of you who think i’m my own source, I’m not. I’m only responsible for the editing. Viewer discretion is advised.

They say you never know what you’ve had till you’ve lost it. We”ll whoever “they” are, couldn’t they have given themselves a better name other than “they”. I’m sure i would have paid more attention if Lloyd Banks or Cassidy gave that advice – them being in jail and all. So anywayz, where was I? Oh yes, Ashesi moving to Berekuso. Where do i begin? The fact that its all freezing up ‘ere. Or that there isn’t enough food for the students – not forgetting that the first years aren’t even here yet. God help us. I could also tell you about the water problems we are currently having, but then this article would be all about Berekuso problems, and as the title suggests its not!

When I started Ashesi in 2*** (for those guessing my year), I used to hate the sound of aircrafts flying over the school every hour. i remember thinking to myself “a terrorist attack on Kotoka Airport would be nice right about now”. However as time went on, i began to realize the usefulness of these planes. How they would fly over when lecturers were getting just a tad boring, halting lectures.

Lecturer:  Blah blah blah blah. Now can anyone answer this q- (airplane flies over) ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

Lecturer: uhmm (confused). I have even forgotten what i was saying.

I would always use those 10 – 20 secs of silence in the class chat with friends, or compose myself or even laugh for the fun of it. Can’t do that here, can i? Haven’t heard the sound of a jet engine during lectures in  a while. For some bloody reason, they only fly over us at night. Bullocks!

And what’s with the expensive meals all of a sudden? When the administration was giving various canteen services a shot at the job, I was there and i know Akornor Catering Service meals were plentiful and cheap. Fast forward 3 months later and its like the end times – or at least like the ones i see in movies. Did the GDP rise up in the space of 3 months? When I asked “them” why their food cost so much, they’re like “oh, abi we have to add transportation fee”. Uhmm, thanks for the heads up? Couldn’t they have informed us 3 months ago, when we were showering them with praises? At least a “hey, we’re gonna charge you more at Berekuso” would have been nice. I used to think Dan (that guy who used to serve us drinks and pastries back at Dankwa) was a cheat when it came to serving us, but mehn these Akornor guys are on another level. They’re really enjoying their monopoly. At least if you’re gonna make your food expensive, make sure it leaves your customers stuffed afterwards. I always end up leaving hungrier than I was, when I came. And damn KFC for moving in, just as we were moving out! I miss Terrific Tuesdays. I miss CHEAP hausa koko. I miss cheap rice, a.k.a check check.

How i miss the night life! Short days, long nights That’s how it was back in Osu. just me and my  besties: champs, bella, tantra, venus, office………… . i cant even remember them all. It was i was everything i needed was right around me. I hardly ever went home.These days though… hmmm 3y3 as3m oo! I get that the ASC is trying to  spice up campus life but come on, who are we kidding here? ITS BORING!!! “Parties” flop and the canteen runs out of stock (see what i just did there?). My dad actually laughed at me, when he found out the location of the campus. He said “Son, lemme call your gal Aphro and let her know she wont be seeing you for another 4 months” and if that was enough of a KO, he adds “learn hard for me” and chuckles. This issue is a very delicate one for me so i wont dwell on it anymore.

I actually think the incoming freshman will have it easy. After all, u cant miss what you’ve never had right?

You have come to the end of the article. For lack of a better conclusion….. BUH-BYE!

P.S – Again, i am just the editor not the writer


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