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Say Hello to the Perverts!

The author of this article holds no degree in Sociology, Psychology, Neurology or any other field that deals with brain study. He does however Major in Kokonsa. This article is rated PG-17. Viewer discretion is advised.

Men are liars. We’ll lie about lying if we have to. I’m an algebra liar. I figure two good lies make a positive. You laugh, but its true. I mean look around you. In the last couple of years, MEN have proven that they are without a doubt, “mujeriegos”- thats Spanish for womanizers – and perverts. (At this point I’d like to point out that I’m still a boy, so automatically i rule myself out). I mean its bad enough that women (not pointing fingers here), have been saying it for centuries, but when its all over the internet and newspapers, its like “Womankind 1-0 Mankind”. To those who are skeptical at this point, I say “read on”.

So where do i begin? Ah yes, Politicians – the men who pretty much govern this earth. We’ve got the Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal of ’08, the John Edwards extra-marital affair (also ’08) and Hasta La Vista With The Maid, starring The Governator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger (that’s the best one yet). Oh yes, not to forget The Man himself, then President of the United States of America (*drum roll please……*) Bill Clinton!!!!! Now if u can’t trust your President, who in the government can you trust? Isn’t American politics just fascinating? ROTFLMAO

Across the North Atlantic ocean and into Europe i could tell you about the sitting Italian Prime Minister and his thing for underage girls, but then this article would be “one-way”. Although, Europe IS home to the Top 10 football sex scandals. Mind you, these are the people kids,like myself, look up to for inspiration. Lets take a look at the Top 3, shall we. At #3, former World #1 footballer ROOOONNALLLDO!! For those who don’t know, this Brazilian spent his time in Europe picking up Transvestites. What?? That’s right you heard me. In 2008, he was caught with 3 TRANSVESTITES to be exact! Must’ve gotten this shock of his life, they took off their clothes. Coming in at #2, fellow Englishman JOHN TERRY, for sleeping with the his teammate’s wife in 2009 – now obviously this dude never heard of the phrase “Bro’s over Ho’s”. (Charley these English boyz no be small oo). Occupying the #1 spot, a man i USED to respect and admire (*drumroll please……..*) RYAAAAAN GIGGGGGSSSS!!!! ). Now this dude was found to have slept with his brother’s wife earlier this yr, i doubt anyone can top that!

For lack of words on my part, what say we skip Asia, South America and Australia. (*Christopher Colombus voice*) WELCOME TO AFRICA. Now yh, we’ve got polygamy and ritualistic acts on lock, but it looks like Pastor Sex Scandals are on the rise. Before i go any further i would like y’all to know that i respect Men of God and in no way mean to taint anyone’s belief. I’m just saying something I’ve observed. If you didn’t know, . In Ghana, there’s pretty much see a pastor-sex scandal at least once a month, plastered all over the front page. Don’t believe me, check out next month’s newspaper. Popular Kenyan pastor Dr. Rev. Mumbui Karimi of the Kenyan Community Presbyterian church, renounced his Head Pastor title earlier this year, after he was charged with 3 counts of sexual abuse of a church member. And it doesn’t stop there. In 2008, Pastor Isaac Kyobe Kiweweesi, the senior pastor of Kansanga Miracle Centre in Uganda was accused of sexually assaulting 5 boys and “terrorizing their behinds”. In my opinion -which I’ve avoided giving until now- this is the worst kind of sex scandal ever. Not only do these “pastors” taint the name of their churches, but they also spoil others faith in God as well.

This article initially started with how men are “believed” to be cheats, but changed completely near the end. Usually in my articles, i conclude by giving some advice and ending on a solid note. But right now, I’m still in shocked from reading my own words about the pastor-sex scandals, my mind i s blank. I will say though MEN are not cheats. “SOME MEN” though are cheats- that’s really the best i can do at this point. So ladies, if you put in your heart that your guy will cheat on you, then he really will. I’m sorry, but its true. Y’all need to think Positive. We live in messed up times, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t good guys out there.(Damn, I’m good). Until my next blog -which will hopefully come soon- later!!!


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