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This article is a work of fiction. The characters, incidents, and dialogues are products of the my imagination and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

It used to be “where two or more Ashesi students are gathered important topics are being discussed that will change Africa.” Now though, its more like “where two or more Ashesi students are gathered, you know pidgin is taking place”

So I have been hearing from a lot of seniors that the caliber of Ashesi students has fallen since 2013 and 2014 came in. Basically they’re saying we’re not good enough to be called Ashesi students, and with the recent honor code violation involving 2013 students, who can blame them for thinking so. I mean from “their” point of views its like “if the sophomores are doing, certainly the freshmen are gonna follow suit”. Anyway, to such comments I say- HI HATERSS!!!! (not allowed to use foul language here).

This is a classic sins-of-the-father-are-passed-on-the-son moment. Suddenly “they’re” accusing of a crime we have not even committed yet- nor do we plan on committing – my fellow freshmen, don’t let me down here. I mean, can you honestly say that not a single junior or senior speaks pidgin? And even if we speak pidgin, how is that gonna make us pull a 2013 (sorry sophomores!)

Just the other day my friend John Smith (yes, thats his real name), was suggesting that the rise in entertainment/sporting activites probably had something to do with why the caliber of Ashesi students was changing. Apparently “back then”, less entertainment made better Ashesi students. When i heard this my bovine excrement meter went through the roof.  Would he rather have Ashesi be a school of all work and no play?

To conclude there has not been a fall in the caliber of Ashesi students. 2014 ain’t going nowhere. If there’s one thing the 2013 has taught us, its that “some students still hate learning (and the earth is still round)”. Sue me, but its true. Its not as if all the 2013 students were in on the plan. I for one know a few students who would scratch out their eyes rather than cheat during examinations – like Jesus Christ and John Baptista (again, real names).

If “they” are going blame someone for “spoiling” the Ashesi brand, “they” should start with themselves for using faulty logic and creating such “hocus pocus” rumours in the first place. Every single student in Ashesi is “Ashesi material”, otherwise they would not have been accepted into the school in the first place. Its just not every student who likes learning (no names necessary). So don’t crucify 2014 yet!!!

Jazzy out!!!


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