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If there is one thing i am sure of in this life, its that i’m not gay. That being said, i can go ahead and tell you about this new disease that is spreading undetected around the world, Gay-tosynthesis (a stupid name i made up).

Now, i don’t know when America approved of gay marriages- and seeing as this is a blog and not a thesis, i don’t see the need to research. However, in recent times more and more countries are becoming more lenient towards gays (minus the Arab nations of course). With the fight for equal human rights and all, it seems only fair that everyone be who they want to be.

I do not have a problem with gay people but my grandma does (she’ll beat the gay out of you). i spent my saturday trying to find out why we both had different opinions. Certainly the age gap is a major factor, but i felt there was something more to it all. Then it hit me- #BlameItOnTheTelevision

Have you noticed how more and more gay shows are appearing on televisions? i mean back in 2000 we had Will and Grace (a hit series by the way) and a few flicks that had gay people in it. Currently, its much MUCH more. Now we have Glee, True Blood, dozens of gay movies and dozens of shows with gay hosts – I love Ellen Degeneres just so you know.

Being exposed to all those gay movies and shows at a young age, probably has something to do why i don’t resent gay people. i mean think about it, they are after all hit shows. By watching them we unknowingly form a bond with the gay community. Take Glee for example, the show is so amazing you have to applaud the gay characters (no names necessary) who make it such a hit.

Of course there is the issue of religion in all this. Now this i will not discuss seeing as its a pretty delicate issue- plus i dont like to mix the two at all. But i wonder, will the spread of Gay-tosynthesis change the world for the better or just make stuff worse?

Okay so i’m outta stuff to write. i could talk about the nature vrs nurture theory but its soo – erhm common. i will however leave you with one question though. Do you have gay-tosynthesis?. Just so you know If you’re not sure, it means you have it. That’s how it is people- there is no in-between. Its either you have it or you don’t.

Until my next tweet blog, i’m outta here.


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